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Adoption Fees And Process For Foster Dogs & Cats

Our Foster Dog and Cat Adoption Fees: Our adoption fee is considered a "donation". ResQpaws is a 501c3 non-profit organization, so every penny goes right back into the care of the dogs and cats in our care and saving more lives. Things like dog and cat food, vaccinations, feline testing, spaying, neutering, vet care and micro-chipping are a few of the things your donation benefits.


$125.00 for "Seniors" Any dog age 6 or above

$175.00 for dogs and puppies

$150.00 for cats and kittens

Reduced fee if adopting two or more

Every Adoption Includes:


Free Veterinary Physical Exam

Spay/Neuter Surgery (Mandatory)

Rabies Vaccine

Microchip with Registration

Initial Vaccines

Heart Worm testing (adult dogs)

De-Worming Treatment


Our Adoption Process:


Step 1: Fill out our ONLINE ADOPTION APPLICATION. Once that is complete, we will contact you within 24-48 hours.


Step 2: If your application is approved, then we can set up a meet and greet. If you have any other animals, we can assist with introductions to make sure that they all get along.


Step 3: Home check. If your application is approved, then we make an appointment to come by your house and see where your new pet will be living. We will be looking for a safe, secure, happy & healthy environment where a dog and/or cat will thrive as a part of your family.


Fence Checks: During our home inspection we will walk the perimeter of your yard to make sure that your fencing is "dog proof". Although we want your new dog to reside primarily indoors, we also have to make sure that your fencing is secure and safe. Things that we will look for in regards to your fence; any loose fence boards, large holes or gaps, weak fencing that is falling down, low spots where a dog can dig out, low fencing where a large dog can easily jump over, neighbor’s dogs that can easily poke their faces though fence holes, items close to the fencing that can enable a dog to jump up on to get over the fence, etc.


Some things that you can do to prepare for a home inspection/fence check: Keep a pad lock on any gates, secure any loose fence boards with screws/hammer/nails. Cover and secure any holes, gaps or low spots to create a safe and "escape proof" yard. Reinforce any weak fence spots. Place fence extensions on low fencing to prevent dogs from jumping over. Remove any items close to the fence that can enable a dog to jump over a fence. Clean yard of any debris, trash or dangerous items that can cause harm to an animal. Also, adding a latch to the bottom of your gates can prevent a dog from pushing out, the weakest part of the gate is the bottom.


If all these things go well, that's it!


Please note these mandatory prerequisites for adoption through ResQpaws:


1. All pets in your home must be spayed/neutered, unless: There is a valid medical reason for not having the surgery or you own a working dog (Police K9 or Herding Dog) etc.


2. Your adoptive dog must be allowed inside your home. Any applicant looking for an "outside-only" or "mostly outside" dog will be denied.


Out-of-Area Adoptions: ResQpaws does consider out-of-area adoptions as long as you are willing to provide ample photographs of your back yard and where the dog will be living. Any serious applicants will be expected to visit our rescue to meet the dog and/or cat of interest, and a home inspection will be performed by a local rescue representative or Animal Control officer in your area.


*Must be 18yrs or older to apply for adoption.

*Filling out our adoption application DOES NOT guarantee adoption. ResQpaws reserves the right to refuse any applicant.

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